Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Chad Gustchow is one of a team of professionals within Capital Business Solutions who writing academic papers for money assist automobile dealerships nationwide in negotiating floorplan lending contracts and making the changes necessary to remain viable in today's economy.

Gutschow himself was an auto dealer who turned to Capital Business Solutions for help in dealing with the shrinking economy. During the process a strong relationship was built and he joined the floorplan group as a team member. Chad now bring the benefit of his first hand experience to the task of helping other auto dealerships survive the worldwide economy crisis.
Capital Business Solutions formed the floorplan mediation team five years ago as an answer to the increasing difficulties car dealerships were having in obtaining and maintaining financing. The team members' professional backgrounds in auto sales, law, and accounting, as well as their invaluable experience in mediation, make their services a vital component in the survival of today's retail auto industry.

Chad Gutschow is available from 8:00am to 7:00pm (Central) Monday through Friday. He invites dealers to visit the Floorplan Forum on this site to see what others in the industry are saying and join the discussion. Also, visit the Capital Business Solutions site, to find a broker for business sales, purchases, and franchise assistance.

Now Is The Time!
Now is the time to sell if you are a new car dealer because of the over 2000 dealers that have involuntarily lost their franchise and need to replace their store. We have a complex pre screening process that we use to financially qualify potential buyers looking at acquiring a dealership.