About Us

In the Mergers & Acquisitions arena, we focus on companies college paper writers with revenues ranging from $5 million to $200 million with earnings of $500,000 and above.
Mergers & Acquisition investors generally fall into one of three categories:
Corporate Buyers
Private Equity Firms
High Net Worth Individuals
All three groups of investors have raised or possess the necessary funds for the sole purpose of investing in privately held businesses such as yours. Their resources also allow them access to high power borrowing options, often unavailable to the general public. These options afford them the opportunity to acquire "platform" companies that fit their investment strategies. These companies chiefessays.net can either be add-on acquisitions for their portfolio or independent companies that compliment their long term investment goals.
Each acquisition is uniquely structured to fulfill the requirements of the individual participants. An investor may choose to purchase 100% of the company's assets or stock, a leverage buy-out, or in many cases, allow the seller to keep a percentage of the stock and remain in a top management position for an agreed upon timeframe. This last scenario allows for a pre-determined seller exit strategy, enables the seller to receive a large up front percentage of cash from the sale of the business while taking advantage of the future growth potential the new investor provides, and ensures both a smooth and profitable transition!
Multitudes of motivating factors are evaluated when an investor contemplates an acquisition. In addition to reviewing an acquisition's historical portrait, future earnings potential, opportunity to capture greater market share, synergy this new acquisition may provide to entities already under its corporate umbrella and ability to provide a healthy return on investment are a smattering of the many factors considered in a detailed business analysis.
Return On Investment (ROI) may be judged by different extenuating factors i.e.:
Cost of funds to purchase the business
Degree of risk involved in the transaction
Need the acquisition will fill
Future expectations of profit
How a particular business measures up to other companies in its industry
What Capital Business Solutions Can Do For You
Capital Business Solutions maintains a database of over 5,100 national and international equity groups. This population is complimented by the many corporate buyers who maintain constant contact with our M & A Division. Capital's team provides over forty years of training and experience necessary to prepare your business for acquisition and a seamless sales transaction. Capital's senior staff of M&A professionals are well schooled in the art of confidentiality, preparing offering memorandums, and all of the transactions, necessary processes, and protocols to complete the transaction.

Allow our strategic alliance of professionals, which include CPAs, tax experts, transaction attorneys, and financial planners, to assist in every aspect of the transaction. This includes, but is not limited to, structuring your business to command the highest market resale, creating offering memorandums sought by acquisition experts, and top financial planners structuring the sale to incur the least amount of tax liability possible! Capital Business Solutions is a full service business brokerage firm connecting sellers of businesses with qualified, capable buyers and acquisition specialists around the world. We are a general business brokerage firm specializing in selling profitable companies from your local pizza parlor, dry cleaner and convenience store to large single and multi-location firms in all sectors including the manufacturing, distribution and service industries. CBS is also focused on providing world class continuous education and ongoing support services to our global network of professional business intermediaries.