Banking with the most competitive Automotive Floor-Plan Lender will increase your profit margin

We offer Franchised and Independent Auto Dealers integrated financial solutions to help you sell more cars, gain efficiencies in your business operations, and grow more profitable while improving your cash flow. Our professionals are committed to the auto dealer community, foster long-term business relationships, and provide unmatched customer service.

Flexible lending programs

Inventory Floor-plan

Dealership Real Estate

Dealership Acquisition Financing

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Our Services

New Vehicles Pricing & Flexibility that is unmatched

- 100% Advance
- 24 Month Maturity
Used Vehicles
- 100% Advance
- 18 Months Maturity
- No Curtailments
Contracts In transits covenants
- 10 working days from date contracted to pay vehicle floor-plan
- 5 working days from date the indirect lender funded contract to pay off vehicle

Real Estate Lending Rates starting at 4.00%

- New Construction Financing
- Dealership Real Estate Refinancing
- New Acquisition Real Estate
- Sale Back Lease Back
- Non Recourse Loans

Increase your working capital & liquidity

- Working Capital Loan
- Lease the dealerships current FF&E & increase working capital & liquidity
- Furniture
- Fixtures
- Equipment
- Shop Equipment
- Signs
- Computers
- Phone System

Capital Business Solutions

Floorplan lending is a version of financing in which each loan is secured by specific collateral. For American automobile dealerships, that means a financial institution forwards capital which the dealer uses to buy inventory, and said loan is secured by the autos on the lot, to be repaid as the cars are sold.
According to a recent article by Harry Stoffer in Automotive News, "Dealer associations across the country are hearing complaints from members that their business are threatened by lack of access to floorplan loans and by financing terms they consider unreasonable."

  • Michael Oneal,, Sunday March 29, 2009
    Without a floorplan agreement, a dealer can't operate. Franchise contracts require one. But with capital scarce and the average dealer's finances under severe pressure, floorplan lenders are cracking down... the floorplan freeze is claiming victims nationwide.
    Michael Oneal,, Sunday March 29, 2009

We Offer SBA Floorplan Lending!

Under the auspices of Capital Business Solutions, a full-service business brokerage firm with affiliates worldwide, the Floorplan mediation team of auto dealership veterans, lawyers, and accountants offers a vital service to dealers struggling to maintain their livelihood in today's difficult economy.

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